Kajabi vs WordPress: Should you move from WordPress to Kajabi?

kajabi webiste wordpress Jul 01, 2021

Considering a move to Kajabi from WordPress?

Five years ago, I started my website career by building websites on WordPress and I loved it. But it wasn't until my clients became course creators that I found WordPress to have some challenges - this is when I discovered Kajabi. 

Now, I’m aware that it's a really personal decision to move platforms, and perhaps Kajabi isn't the best route for everyone, so I wanted to cover some different factors to consider in your decision-making. 

Is moving from WordPress to Kajabi the right move for you? Here are my top 3 considerations...

1 - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

If you've been on WordPress for a really long time, and you've blogged and produced content, it's likely that you would have built up domain authority. Put simply for the SEO newbies, this means that Google has rewarded your efforts by placing you in the search results. It is a lot more complex than this, but essentially, when someone searches for a...

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