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Meet Ali

- Creator of Digital Bumpkin -

Hi, I'm Ali 👋

I help course creators sow, nurture and grow their online businesses through Kajabi.

I never dreamt I would be where I am today.

BUT, here I am and I love it.


I remember living abroad in Trinidad and Tobago where the typical 9-5 mould wasn't any part of my life. The creative space and opportunities I found while living 'island life' was immense; film sets, photography assistant, carpentry, digital design.

On returning home I no longer fitted the mould, I wanted more and I knew it was out there. I sought out an amazing coach who cheered me on and CHANGED MY WORLD. 
Having that guidance and encouragement alongside me was invaluable - an influence who never once told me my vision was too big. 
Through my 10 years marketing and design experience, this is the role I want to play for you, to be the one to cheer you on and say...


"You have a brilliant vision! Let's look at how we get you there."


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Meet the Team

- Down to earth expertise with a smile -

Ali Jane Selwyn

Kajabi Expert Bumpkin

(and Founder!)

Naomi Coniam

Project Manager Bumpkin

"Recommend unreservedly!"

A pleasure to work with, communicate openly - with a metaphorical kick up the bum when it's needed to make sure I'm consistently visible."

Dave Cordle Career Coach

A glance behind the professional curtain!

I launched Digital Bumpkin after my husband and I moved off the grid to a little hilltop dwelling in Wiltshire (SO peaceful and don't get me started on the sunsets.)

I have always lived in the countryside, born and raised, BUT never quite this rural.

Sitting outside with my feet in the grass and my laptop out, building automations, sequences, consulting with clients, strolling through the forest with my dog Lucy, & tending to my little tomato plants! 

I was one told I was a ‘square peg’ because I was drawn to walk a different path than most. 

I think you are the same.

I believe that life is too short to stay in a situation where you don't feel alive.

Enter, the limitless possibilities of the online world! I have seen it time and time again. Individuals with a vision, drawn to help in a much bigger way pivot their business online and connect with their authenticity. 

My #1 motivator is to serve my audience, show up as best I can and provide results. #2 motivator was that I wanted to lead a flexible and location independent life, I am now living this life and striving to take Digital Bumpkin onto the road in a camper van - watch this space!

The online world offers these possibilities and there is a slice of it for everyone who has the drive and calling to bring it to reality.

Digital Bumpkin is a brand that not only reflects my business calling but also the essence of who I am as a person.

Digital + Down To Earth

Five ‘Bumpkin’ Facts About Me:


  • I lived in Trinidad and Tobago for 9 months and worked as a carpenter’s assistant and set builder for television documentaries

  • I own a tortoise called Ziggy who sometimes interrupts my Zoom calls by biting me on the toes

  • I once spent a month working as a volunteer at an animal rescue centre which involved me walking a puma called Gato through the rainforest every day

  • In 2016 I decided I wanted to bring Christmas joy into the world so I got myself a job as an Elf at Lapland UK in Bracknell Forest

  • After falling in love with a leather handbag that I bought in South America, I flew to Istanbul to set up a handbag importation business - my first introduction to entrepreneurship