How to build strong relationships with your audience

kajabi your why Jul 29, 2021

Recently, I was asked “What is your top tip for being successful in an online business?”

My answer - Build a strong relationship with your audience.

Your business can’t grow without bringing a community into the mix. 

And you can do this by setting a strong foundation of trust and a relationship with your audience members, whether that’s someone who's just joined your course, your training, or a coaching session with you. 

“How do you do that?” I hear you ask. Well, here are my top 3 steps!

Step 1 - Always remember to smile.
Smile in your training videos, in your photographs, in your calls!

I'm naturally a smiley person. I mean, my family used to call me ‘Cheshire Cat’ because I was all full of teeth - but don’t worry if it doesn’t come naturally to you. The trick is to practice, particularly when you’re creating content. It might feel a little awkward at first, particularly if you're getting used to recording video but a smile warms your face, makes you more approachable, makes people more engaged and more receptive to hanging around to hear what you've got to say. 

Practice until you master the ‘Duchenne Smile’ - a genuine smile. This is when you're smiling and it reaches your eyes. 

Step 2 - Show your audience that you care
It’s all about quantity, not quality! 

One of the biggest mistakes I've seen is when entrepreneurs place the emphasis and the most personal motivation on the financial reward and NOT their audience.

I've seen it happen where clients have grown their email list by pumping money into it in order to grow their subscriber level. But because they are just sending their emails off to tick a box, they aren’t hitting the pain points their audience are currently facing. They aren’t taking time to sit and think about what their audience actually NEEDS, or even what they can GIVE. 

Are those audience members being nurtured? Are they receiving a solution to their problem? Are you accurately understanding the problem that they've got? 

It's not about the quantity. It's about the quality: the quality of your relationship, and understanding of who you serve, how you serve them and why you serve them.

Step 3 - Exceed expectations
Make a conscious effort to exceed their expectations. Here are two tips to ensure you exceed their expectations: 

Tip 1 - Think about money.
Don’t worry, I'm not going to say “Go and cut your prices and make everything super cheap!” I am, however, going to suggest you give something away for free - if you have a resource and it doesn't cost you anything, but could be incredibly impactful to your audience... gift it to them! This is a great way to start the conversation. Say, “Hey - I know you can’t afford my X Y and Z right now, but I think this free resource could really help you achieve ‘X’!” 

Tip 2 - Don't be tight-fisted with your knowledge…Be generous!
Do you know a quick win for one of the most common problems in your niche? Get into your community and show them how to solve it. Film a YouTube video. Write a blog! When you do that, people say, “Wow, if this is what I get at this stage of the relationship with them, imagine what it's like if I'm a member, or by joining their course or buying their full product?” 

So there you have it - my 3 top tips for building strong and genuine relationships with your audience. 

Have a question? I’d love to help - drop me a message below :)


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