What is your WHY? Finding the heart to everything you do online.

your why Jul 30, 2020
"People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it and what you do simply proves what you believe." Wise words from Simon Sinek.

Connecting with your WHY.

This is such a big stepping stone when venturing online. Way bigger that you realise even as you ponder this in this moment.

Your 'why' is the magic sprinkling to everything you do as an online creator.

When you can't shake the urge that you are meant to share your knowledge in a bigger way. When you take that first step, fuelled by something powerful.

I have watched as online product after online product is created from the #1 desire to get rich and put money in the back pocket. Yes, money may arrive through this approach BUT in no way Jose the same what that it does when you connect with your why.

What is fuelling your mission? 

Sometimes it is a feeling that we haven't yet put into words. For me it was this way, I just knew that I wanted to serve in struggles that I myself have felt. And so I pondered my why to try and give it some structure.
I never dreamt I would end up building websites, strategising and blazing the trail for clients online visibility. BUT here I am and I love it. When I look at my roots it makes total sense, creative and analytical.
My father is a computer whizz and highly techy. My mother, a gardener, producing amazing creative outdoor spaces = Baby me [Prone to taking things apart when left to close to them, a few years later called upon to fix things when they broke. A creative problem solver.]
Choosing coaches and creatives as my niche however was 100% my decision, it was not born from genetics. I remember living abroad in Trinidad and Tobago where the typical 9-5 mould wasn't any part of my life - the creative space and opportunities I found while living there were immense; working in set design, photography assistant, carpentry, digital design...
On returning home I no longer fitted the mould. I had always been told I was a 'square peg trying to fit into a round hole'. But after Trinidad, I wanted more, I knew it was out there and I wouldn't settle for less.
I stumbled upon coaching and it blew my mind - I am still in awe (bring on the challenges as I can't resist a good coaching session!)
Have you ever been told you need to "suck it up", "not be so fussy", "be secure in a 9-5 job and stop chasing dreams." Well the game-changing approach of coaching is that they are someone you can count on who will never tell you your dreams are too big. But instead say, well how are we going to get you there?
For me discovering coaches and embracing my creativity has changed my world.
So let me know below. Why do you do what you do?
Find that magic sauce that'll get you out of bed on rain days and resist Netfix marathons because you have a WHY bigger than that and you are on a mission.

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