How To Build Momentum In Your Online Product Launch

kajabi webiste Jul 08, 2021

Looking for some tips on how to add momentum into your online product launch?

Perhaps you’re reaching the end of your launch period and you haven’t got quite as many members as you would like, or maybe you are just a few members away from your goal!

Here are my top 3 tips for injecting momentum into your product launch:

Tip Number One - A well positioned ‘Cart Close Bonus’ can do wonders.

A cart close bonus should be announced on the very last day of open cart. This will be gifted to anyone who is already a member and is a great opportunity to nudge your audience over the edge in favour of being a member. 

Extra tip here: when you’re looking into creating this bonus, have a couple of conversations with existing members, those who've already completed checkout and ask them; “What would you find incredibly valuable right now? If I could create anything to enhance your experience and really make your day, what would that look like?” There will be no-one better positioned in your community than these individuals to inspire your choice of bonus as they have proven to be your ideal student by joining. 


Tip Number Two - Identify those who are on the fence.

My next tip is to look at those audience members who are ‘on the fence’. How could you possibly know I hear you ask!?

Here are some suggestions; 

  • Filter your launch funnel to identify exactly who is engaging with those launch emails, clicking the links to sales pages, but who haven’t yet completed checkout.

  • Once you’ve got that group of people, I thoroughly recommend sending them a personalised message - who doesn’t love a personal touch?

  • Better yet! Send a video. Using a recording tool, such as Bonjoro. If you need inspiration for what to say, keep it simple: “Hey [FIRST NAME], I had a moment and wanted to reach out to say thank you for your interest in [PRODUCT]. Is there anything that I can help with or clarity I can provide for you?”

  • Ask questions that open the door to handling objections to purchase. This is particularly important at this point in a launch as you're reaching a moment of scarcity with your cart about to close. This is when buying decisions happen. By facing any objections head on, you're far more likely to put that audience member at ease and in the right position to make that buying decision. 


Tip Number Three - Introduce a Payment Plan

This is something I recommend to all clients in the middle of a launch. If you include a payment plan, particularly on that last day of open cart, it can handle a financial objection and unlock the potential for someone to be able to purchase. 

It might be that throughout the launch, you've had a full price offer. Even if you've already had a three part payment plan though, consider introducing a five part payment plan. This could well unlock a wave of members who otherwise couldn’t justify the financial commitment.

So there you have it - my three top tips to inject momentum into your product launch.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and if I can help I absolutely will!


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